We advise you competent on every question surrounding real estate finances. We analyse your capital and financing structure and highlight any potential for optimization.


Together with our service partners we can also support you as broker, procuring the most competitive loan offers from banks and insurances. Your benefit vis-à-vis conventional mortgage platforms or direct offers rests upon our in-depth understanding of credit policies and our market expertise. For more complex financing instruments a full understanding of product mechanics and the contractual details becomes paramount – the credit amount and interest rate are just two aspects in this regard.


You have a renovation project but are still looking for enough equity? Let us check whether your property has equity reserves that could be tapped. With a professional appraisal of your property, we can identify unused potential in mortgage lending. With a proportional credit increase additional equity can be generated which you can use to realize your renovation project. 

Die Dietschiberg Finanz AG ist einer unserer Key-Partner bei der Finanzierungsberatung. Die Firma ist eine inhabergeführte Spezialistin für die Analyse und Strukturierung von Immobilienfinanzierungen, der Vermittlung von Hypothekn sowie der langfristigen Planung von Finanzierungslösungen. Dietschiberg Finanz wird durch Herrn Markus Lehmann geführt, einem ausgewiesenen Fachmann mit knapp 30 Jahren Bankerfahrung. Zuletzt war er Niederlassungsleiter und Leiter Private Banking Luzern einer namhaften Grossbank. Herr Lehmann ist studierter Ökonom und hält zusätzlich den MAS in Private Banking & Wealth Management des Instituts für Finanzdienstleistungen der Hochschule Luzern.



Unsere Dienstleistungen:

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  • Analysis of financing and capital structure

  • Tendering of financial offers

  • Consultancy on financing products

  • Support in negotiations

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